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Rose Flower 3D Lamp

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Rose Flower 3D Lamp
Rose Flower 3D Lamp
Rose Flower 3D Lamp
Rose Flower 3D Lamp
Rose Flower 3D Lamp
Rose Flower 3D Lamp
Rose Flower 3D Lamp

Featuring an intricate rose design, the Rose Flower 3D illusion Lamp creates the perfect setting to commemorate an anniversary or special occasion. The classic red rose being a symbol of long-lasting love is a perfect way to celebrate a special milestone. Yellow conveys warmth, friendship, energy and joy. White means purity, innocence and youthfulness. Purple symbolizes mystery, enchantment and splendour whilst green is said to impart a sense of peace and balance. Blue can represent mystery and the unattainable, blue can also mean “I think you are extraordinary!”. Whichever colour you chose, the Rose Flower 3D Lamp is sure to convey a special message for that special occasion.

Type: 3D Illusion Lamp
Material: Black ABS and Clear Acrylic
Voltage: 5V
Power: 0.5W
LED light life = 30,000 hours
Base Type: Touch Switch
Acrylic display: 180(h) x 135(w) x 4mm
Base: 87mm (round) x 38mm(h)
Light Settings: Press to cycle Red →Green →Blue →Yellow →Cyan →Purple →White → 7 colour alternating.

Packaging Information:
1 x acrylic piece with laser etched design
1 x ABS LED light base
1 x USB cable(61cm)

• Precision laser-cut design on durable, high quality acrylic sheet
• LED light reflects off the laser etched 2D pattern creating a beautiful 3D effect
• Low energy consumption and low heat for worry free operation
• Operates on both USB (cable included) or AA batteries (not included)
• Easy one touch operation
• Free shipping and 12 month warranty

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