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Santa Sled 3D Lamp

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Santa Sled 3D Lamp
Santa Sled 3D Lamp
Santa Sled 3D Lamp
Santa Sled 3D Lamp
Santa Sled 3D Lamp
Santa Sled 3D Lamp
Santa Sled 3D Lamp

The Santa Sled 3D Illusion Lamp is one of our most loved and top selling lamps, because it has one of our largest acrylic designs it is best placed in the windowsill as the LED effect lights up your house for onlookers to enjoy. Low energy consumption and low-heat, so you can leave the light on all night worry-free. The innovative LED base lights up the laser etched acrylic pattern to create a beautiful 3D effect. This one is selling fast so don't miss out.

Type: 3D Illusion Lamp
Material: Black ABS and Clear Acrylic
Power: 5V, 0.5A
LED light life = 30,000 hours
Base Type: Touch Switch
Acrylic display: 125(h) x 202(w) x 4mm
Base: 87mm (round) x 38mm(h)
Light Settings: Press to cycle Red →Green →Blue →Yellow →Cyan →Purple →White → 7 colour alternating.


Packaging Information:
1 x acrylic piece with laser etched design
1 x ABS LED light base
1 x USB cable(61cm)

• 7 different colours and an all colour alternating mode
• Long-lasting energy efficient LED bulbs
• Low heat, safe to touch and will not overheat
• USB or battery powered for portability
• Easy one-touch operation
• Free shipping and 12-month warranty

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